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Lisa Cuddy is a character in the TV series House, on the Fox medical drama. She is the Dean of Medicine and hospital administrator. She is portrayed by Lisa Edelstein.

The character of Lisa Cuddy is pretty exceptional. She’s always dreamed to become a doctor, and her dream came true at age 25 when she graduated as second best in her class.

Lisa Cuddy put her personal life on hold for many years to be able to focus on her career. As a matter of fact, she was the first female and second youngest Dean of Medicine ever, at age 22. Today, at the time of the series, she is a 38 year old Jewish woman, who has a mother and one sister.

Dr. Lisa Cuddy became very close to her sister when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After her sister’s surgery, Lisa found the oncologist who would oversee the treatment of her sister from chemotherapy through radiation. One episode shows Lisa researching wig options for her sister who lost most of her hair due to the chemotherapy treatments. Although the subject matter, cancer, is serious, the shows writers interjected humor surrounding the search for a wig. For someone who had a high paying job, Lisa, just like many other folks, was shown searching online for the best deals on human hair wigs. The writers packed a lot of information about the various cap constructions of wigs, the synthetic versus human hair fiber choices that are available, as well as how to care for a wig, how to style wigs, and even which style of wig will flatter different face shapes. By the end of the episode and viewer would know what to look for if they wanted to buy a wig. Another provocative incident involved a story with a subplot with a focus on the dangers of sexually transmitted disease. This was the first time that the show actually promoted a website, making a clear comment regarding a way to test yourself for stds with these kits, where anyone can purchase an std test kit they can use to test themselves in the privacy of their home without the need for contacting a medical professional. The show received some negative press for this, but clearly the producers felt they were providing a community service, since stds are incredibly destructive as well as taboo to even speak about in many communities. If the show helped even a small number of viewers successfully address an std infection, this was clearly worth the short lived commotion it created.

She met Gregory House when they were both at the University of Michigan. She even had a one night stand with him, but they never had a relationship together.

Many years later, House became her employer at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. And she was the one who took care of House when he suffered an infarction in his right leg. This incident left him with a handicap and a permanent disability and chronic pain.

During all episodes of the series, it seems like Cuddy and House are attracted together, but that they don’t want to start a relationship. But still, House has made many attempts to show Cuddy his attachment to her, and that gave her doubts about whether of not he had a romantic interest in her. Then he offered Cuddy to administer the twice-daily injections for her to become pregnant, but all attempts failed and ended up with miscarriages.

In the fifth season of House, Cuddy started a relationship with Dr James Wilson, the head of the Department of Oncology. She also decided to adopt a baby named Rachel and in the mean time, she helped House detox from Vicodin, a pain killer.

In the last season, in the last episode, Cuddy and House confess their love to each other.

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